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Thread: E.P.'s strong and low points

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    E.P.'s strong and low points

    I'm starting this post as means of feed back from fans (from the new, to longterm/mainstays) there is no Right or Wrong opinion here. So with that in mind, be able to agreeI want to know what peopl'es views have been over the E.P.s that have been recently released over the last 3 years by Tech N9ne (from Klusterfuck, "e.b.a.h.", "boiling point", and most recently "Therapy")we all know there are differences between each project, from sound, lyrical drive, and guest features, but what are (in your opinions) the strongest tracks or projects.Personally I liked Klusterfuck, from beginning to end, e.b.a.h. took a while to grow on me, where as boiling point pretty much spearheaded as being a good project..but Therapy, that's a different one, as a fan of Tech when the rock side is implemented, there are things I like about it but there are 2 songs in particular I wasn't digging, partially because of the sound of the songs, and in one case the very weak hook (I am talking about Hiccup in sound, and "public schools" for a weak hook) after hearing those 2 songs I was questioning myself on whether I would be able to really enjoy te project. I am kind of a stickler when it comes to hooks...Hiccup has slightly grown on me, but theres still something about it that eludes me to say "I really like this song" I'm always going to be a fan,and as such there are always gonna be songs I like and of therapy the song I dislike most is public school, and not because of the verses, just because of the hook, In my lousy little opinion it was the worst hook I have ever heard Kriz kaliko write, or do..EVER. It might have a point to go with the song about the lack of reaality school's push...but "rioting in the hall writing on the walls this education kicked me in my fuckin balls" was just...well for lack of any other way to say it just sounded lame. (again this is my opinion) you might like it. So want to hear what people liked, and didn't like about the e.p.' of the my personal favorite songs off the e.p. was "when demons come" and a portion of that is from the way Tech brought his singing voice out, it reminded me of "one good time" and his voice was complimented by Tyler Lyon of Evalyn Awake its not because its a "dark song" but because it had a lyrical matter and effect. that sent chills up my spine.

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    Boiling Point was the one I liked the most, Tech's Darker tracks are his strong point so An EP's worth of them worked for me.

    Klusterfukk was dope cause rapping over all those MAYDAY beats brought out alot of humor in him, I found alot of those tracks to be funny and it just had a cool vibe to it.

    E.B.A.H I wasnt into, I realize it was suppose to be the Party/Club type EP but they were some of his poorer attempts at making them. Tech has alot of great party tracks but the ones on here arent among them. Just seemed half assed.

    Therapy, I reserve judgement on because its basically a Nu Metal album, and I loathe nu Metal as a genre. I never liked Korn, Slipknot or Limp Bizkit when they came out, if I listen to rock its more along the lines of shit like Alice In Chains andGodsmack, or old school metal like Obituary and shit like that. Rap Rock in general is garbage to me, only group I ever liked that did it was Rage and even them I could only take in small doses..... So when I heard he was doing an EP with Korn's producer I already knew I wasnt gonna like it. The songs I heard from it basically confirmed my suspicions so I never even bothered to check it out in full.

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    I really liked Klusterfuk and it's the only one I don't skip around on. Boiling Point is pretty good, really like URALYA and Alone but the whole EP was worthy of a buy. EBAH was really half assed in my opinion and the only song I actually revisit is EBAH. Lastly I don't think Therapy was as good of a cross over as I would have hoped but it was only his first try at a full rock project so that's need to be noted. I enjoy Hiccup and Head Now but nothing on it even touches his past rock type tracks like URALYA, Little Pills and Love 2 Dislike Me in my opinion.

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    Klusterfuk - crap
    EBAH - crap
    Boiling Point - crap
    Therapy - slightly less crap

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    Klusterfuk is good but could have been better. Love the feel that Mayday's production gives off. Very different from any other Tech record in a good way. Didn't like the hook on Can't Stand Me. The second half of Tech's verse on Ugly Duckling is not nearly as good as the first half, but still love the song and love the Aqualeo feature. It always bothers me when he doesn't rap the 3rd verse in Awkward, and I disliked the into to D.K.N.Y to the point to where I actually edited my mp3 file to eliminate it. All that being said there is not a single song on the EP that I skip as Tech still does his thing and I love Mayday's music. 3.75/5

    I seem to like E.B.A.H much more than most other people on this site. I personally don' think it seemed rushed or half assed. EBAH was a epic song to me. Earreagular was dark and different. Don't Tweet This was fantastic, I love playing it LOUD. Rock Yo Head was great, love hearing the 816 Boyz exchange verses. Boy Toy on the other hand was horrible and K.J.O.M.D was weak due to the lame subject matter for both. Boy Toy is a %100 skip, while K.J.O.M.D. is sometimes listenable depending on my mood as the flow for Krizz and Tech is still there in my opinion. Tech kills it on A Real One which has a great beat, Krizz kills the hook, and I really like the JL feature. 4.25/5

    I personally love the darkness so Boiling Point was a hit for me. Fire in AC is the only song I didn't care for. I just couldn't get into the beat, although I really like Kirzz's verse. A lot of people seemed to not like Hunger but I thought it was a great song. Loved the beat, Tech and Lynch both went hard even though they were slower verses, and I think Bishop's verse is very underrated, he was the best of the 3. I didn't care for the hook on Heavy but loved Tech's verses. Should I Kill Her, Paint On Your Pillowcase, and Alone were my favorites. 4.25/5

    Therapy was amazing to me. I loved the rock and I personally thought Tech blended the two s very well. I really liked his singing voice. I.L.L. and Stop The Sailor are my favorites but I really like every song. I sometimes find myself skipping When Demons Come because the others songs have me all hyped up and I'm not in the mood for a slower song. Very much looking forward to more of this from Tech. 4.5/5

    I love the idea of having E.P.'s and not having to wait so long for new music from Tech (or any other Strange Artists). It also lets him try new/different s in smaller doses.

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    The eps seem like a way for strange to make quick cash with minimal effort. Sure theres a few good tracks here and there, but you can tell tech didnt put his heart in these releases. Gone are the days of seepage or lost scripts.

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    see when you look at a prject like EBAH it did set up a idea for partial direction Tech was gonna go in with "something else" but i listen to klusterfuck and i think its similiar to welcome to strange land...not in a bad way there is good material.

    i listen t something like klusterfuck and i didnt think of nu-metalat all, and thats a genre I am partial too because asides from korn/bizkit/slipknot...the bands that helped define the were influenced by both rap and rock.

    I like soulfly, videodrone, 40 below summer, non-point, hell even cypress hill did it (skull and bones dual album) Tech doin rock music isnt a "stretch" he did well with stephen carpenter of deftones, my person discrepancies with "therapy" stem from 2 songs and 3 skits....but i can listen to the others songs and be content.

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    Klusterfuk- We've all said that the talking in it kills the whole EP, but without the talking the songs are very good in my opinion. Cant Stand Me is my favorite out of all these EP's. Favorite EP on this list.

    E.B.A.H- Only songs that were really good were E.B.A.H and Earregular. Don't Tweet This has an amazing beat during the verses. Rock Yo Head I never felt was very good. The rest were just not very good including A Real 1.

    Boiling Point- Unlike everybody else Tech's dark side is less appealing to me. I loved Fire in AC, just a really good song. Should I Killer was good, but I was excited for Urayla because of the skit but that song was so disappointing.

    Therapy- Pretty awesome for his first full rock project. Head Now has an awesome beat that makes my head rock and dope verses from Tech, Wrekonize, and Bernz. Stop the Sailor is amazing and Hiccup is full of energy.

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    Therapy had dope tracks that were absolutely ruined by horrible choruses.

    I love the guitar on I.L.L. but talk about a redundant chorus...just screaming...sorry my ears no likey.

    And Shame on Me was by far the most disappoint. When I first heard the sample I was blown away. This souded like a great bar song! But again that chorus is just absolutely horrible. I think it was her voice. Also only two verses and both short...what a fuckin waste of a great track.

    E.B.A.H. - The whole thing was absolute garbage. These beats are terrible. Just sounds like a bunch of noise. Throw a toddler in a kitchen with pots and pans and you'll get some of the same beats. "A Real 1" was the only dope track. Oh and Don't tweet this?? Yeah That's Tech's biggest sell out move so far.

    Klusterfuk - again another HUGE disappointment. Especially after 6's n 7's. Blur was a dope. Ugly Duckling was a great track. But the rest was just half assed and wasn't hard to tell. It would've been cool...I think my ex;pectations were just too high at the time.

    Boiling Point - Was dope! Fire in the AC was super hard! And Kali spit one of his dopest verses ever imo. Should I Killer was quite disturbing but that bassline was hard as fuck. Alone was a beautiful track. I really enjoyed this EP. Wasn't anything super epic but it was exactly what i'd expect from a good EP. I enjoy the KOD ep's more than the actual KOD album tbh

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    well here is a question reguarding "Therapy" when others listen to it (instead of when i hear it) don't you feel that "public schools" with the subject matter deserved and should have had a better chorus? when i hear "I.L.L." i thought that would be 1 of those songs more meant for a live show for crowd particpation.

    EBAH is by far 1 ep i had mixed emotions on, it has moments where i like it, but then it affects me where Im like "why the fuck..." don't tweet this was definteley meant as a party track, so it served its purpose, but it's defintly 1 of the project i have mixed emotion on, Boiling point i flat out didnt like when i first heard it except for "Fire in AC" URALYA grew on me, but it's still not a anything close to a favorite song to hear. I am a fan of Aqualeo (ugly duckling was a great collab so was the song free from their speaking of the devil album) but paint on your pillowcase just didnt have any kind of an appeal for me, same as KJOMD.....i thought boiling point and EBAH should have had something a little more solid..hell i mean when u listen to earlier ep's like "lost scripts of KOD" THOSE were strong, "Seepage" was strong,

    klusterfuck honestly took me about 5 listens to really vibe with it, I like mayday a shit load, but I just had trouble getting in to "blur" at first and that being te opening track from that album made me do a "if i am having trouble with the sound of this song, can i even listen to the rest of it" some of the ep's leave me feeling like that, but honestly tracks from the projects i like, but over all sometimes the eps just feel like they are missing a real direction. therapy had a direction i like the songs, but because of what i view as lazy/bullshit chorus's im like "I dont wana fucking hear this" I LOVE the subject that public school had but i hated kali's chorus i thought it was probably the WORST chorus i ever heard.

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