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    Yeah, that new artist Hopspin sure did diss Tyler, the Creator.

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    FInally getting the recongnition he deserves!

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    "tha prob wit hip hop now is even if diss negga start out wit lyrics, soon as he get a corporate sponsor they gon make him dumb his shet down!! and if he do they will promote him, if he dont then he will end up like papoose!! he got a black eminem kinda swag...but tha media wont promote him unless he soopa negative!!"

    Lol People say the dumbest stuff when they dont know what they're talking about.

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    Its also the top story on hiphopdx

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    wow they really spelled his name wrong lol

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    It is wild how many people are latching on to his flow in the comments though...people are absolutely blowing up the thread saying how nice he is

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    well there goes my hopes of there being a collab with Tyler and Hopsin...damn why does he have to diss everybody. Hopsins starting to get recognition but its mostly from feeding off other rappers by dissing them oh well he still got mad lyrics.

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    I beleive they called him "Hopspin" but its also on worldstar hiphop, and tyler is fucking gqrbage anyway im glad hop dissed him

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