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Thread: ¡MAYDAY! - Believers *Official Thread* IN STORES NOW! 5,100 First week.

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    ¡MAYDAY! - Believers *Official Thread* IN STORES NOW! 5,100 First week.









    "Believers" Official Music Video

    Go to to download the *explicit* version of the new title track "Believers"!


    (Look in the monster VIP experience add and there is a spot to enter your email for the download)

    "HighRide" Official Music Video

    "Shots Fired" (Untagged)



    Shots Fired

    Unplug (ft. Kardinal Offishall)

    Last One Standing (ft. Tech N9ne)


    Good Pressure

    My Life (ft. Irv da Phenom)

    On That Jack

    Tear Shit Down

    Mortuary Mary (ft. Anjuli Stars)

    Save Ferris (ft. David Correy)

    Marathon Man

    Forever New (ft. Stevie Stone)

    Stun Gun Stickup

    Shortcuts And Dead Ends

    iTunes Bonus Tracks

    Bad Religion (ft. Kendal Morgan)

    The Fight





    **CLICK HERE**

    Strange Music Inc

    **CLICK HERE**

    Best Buy

    **CLICK HERE**

    <p ="text-align: left;">----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/p]

    "The whole point of the album for us is about really building the army now, I feel like we have a real following and the whole point of Believers is, these are the people that see things that aren't there. It's a call-to- arms to them in a way. The album is strictly meant for people that get it. It's an ode to them. It's kind of saying 'the Technicians', but it's our vibe. Believers is our way of saying, 'These are the ¡MAYDAY! believers.' We're just trying to go bigger. I think people want to hear big music from ¡MAYDAY! and we're not afraid to go for the jugular. We want you to have an ugly face the whole album through. When you put it in, I want a stinky ugly face and I want that face to last for about 60 minutes."

    - Bernz

    <span>"<span>It's bigger. The music feels bigger because we brought in instrumentalists on this album to broaden the sound a little bit. I'd say the concepts are just as big if not a little broader and more widespread than the last album but overall I'd just say bigger .... The theme of this album is to put on a show for the people who are just getting tuned into us and really giving them a good vibe of what we're about. At the same time we want to give the people who got on board with us early what they've come to really appreciate about the group. It's reaching out into the new frontier as well as embracing and showing love to the people who gave us love to us when no one else was."

    <span>- Wrekonize

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    Ive never had that happen, its always been updated every time I have ordered. I guess if I dont see it in the mail tomorrow, I will just have to deal with it lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex M

    This has happened to me with a pre order before. There were no updates and I ended up getting it a day early as usual.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Nigg

    I feel like something's up with the shipping info. I feel like something should be going, even if it's going to get here on the 16th. Maybe something's just up with the info and it's on time?

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    I think it will be delivered tomorrow, just not up on the USPS site. Something would have to have been done by now if it was going to get here on the 16th even if it was going to happen. I sure I hope it's in my mail tomorrow.

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    Sure was, I was quite shocked to get it that early, I hope it's the same case here, this is my most anticipated release of the year (along with The War Within)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex M

    that must have been a nice surprise.

    Quote Originally Posted by VoS
    ^ the last time this happened to me was Rittz's album, and I got it 2 days after the release date instead of 2 weeks after like I usually do with the other releases (getting it past Canada customs takes a bit too long...)

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    I'm not all that concerned because I always get mine a day late anyway. I just listen to it when I find a HQ DL.

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    You'll get the album when you normally do. This has happened to me a few times and it has always been USPS not updating it for us to see.

    But isn't anyone else pissed that we pre order and they start selling them at shows early?

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    Anyone actually impressed by the the track we have heard so far? Maybe i'm being to harsh, but it just seems average/boring from the tracks I have heard

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    Yes. Listened "Marathon Man" (Bernz killed that hook) & "Believers" like fifty times. Still not bored.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark

    Anyone actually impressed by the the track we have heard so far?

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    ive only heard believers and shots fired..and yes i loved them.

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    Full stream is up on DJ Booth - Believers

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