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Thread: Best Life and Times of Jonny Valiant song

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    Best Life and Times of Jonny Valiant song

    What do you think?

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    Junior Member Rigo's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Switch lanes... Instant ic

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    My Interview - Great song for newer fans of Rittz, great idea behind it, great structure and just a fantastic way to start an album about him and his life (yes I know it's not the first song but to me it's the real start of the album).

    But to be honest the whole album is fire, the only weak link in it to me is Yela's verse. It was without doubt the worst I've ever heard Yela, real disappointment.

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    Probably Amen

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    "Like I Am" is dope

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rigo
    Switch lanes... Instant ic

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    " Goin in " is my favorite.. He kills that shit.. " Misery Loves Company " ... Shit the Whole Album...

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    The Whole Album lol but imo
    Its Switch lanes

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    Yeah I don't like the Yela verse either, album is dope, right now my favorite is Amen. Anybody notice what Krizz Kaliko is saying in Say No More? I wonder if he's not really feelin that chorus or something, seems like he's kind of hating.

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