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Thread: Jokerr vs. Grewsum Thread

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    Jokerr vs. Grewsum Thread

    Ok in my opinion Jokerr kills Grewsum!Jokerr does all his production/recording himself, His voice is way more unique, and is on Hopsins level when it comes to lyrics. Where as in there's another wanna be black Grewsum........... but if you have any songs that'll change my mind show me!

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    grewsum wins joker is a weak he jus sounds gay in the diss

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    imo neither of them are good...but jokerr sucks more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    imo neither of them are good...but jokerr sucks more.

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    grewsum killed jokerr

    he killed him when the beef started.grewsum said 1 thing about him charging too much for collabos not even in a disrespectful way and joker got all kinds of butthurt.

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    Grewsums pretty badass. He's got and decent lyrics. Check out donnie darkflow, love muscle, nonstop, dead conversations, dawn of the dead. He's got a track with tech called where my heads at. Its a little slower, but check out easily forgotten,the song makes me tear up a bit every time.

    All I've heard from jokerr is welcome to the show ep. He's decent, but I prefer grew, and I heard a lot of grewsums battles on soundclick back in the day. I think hed shred the dude.

    And that goes for anybody on here saying grewsum aint shit. Check out the tracks I listed and see if it doesn't change your opinion.

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    And I don't get the wanna be black part of the comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Schipper
    And I don't get the wanna be black part of the comment.

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