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Thread: Different versions of Follow me Home?

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    Different versions of Follow me Home?

    So i was going to preorder it, but if there is a special edition with like a pendant and extra tracks i might want to get that. Do you think that will happen with fmh like all 6s n 7s

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    I would just pre-order it. I wouldn't really expect any versions like the All 6's and 7's best buy/fye/itunes editions. The best option right now is to get the pre-order w/ the sticker/shirt/autographed booklet/bonus mp3 because there probably won't be anything better than that out there. just my guess though. but my advice is the sooner you pre-order the faster it will be shipped or just buy it in stores.. and if there is another version with more songs just download the bonus tracks. lol

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    the thing with 6s and 7s was just a promotion. They've never done any thing like that in the past, and probably won't do it again. Or not until Tech's next solo album anyway.

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    Smfh lol

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    No, and I hope you don't think that cuz the other version of "hood gone love it." I didn't even want to hear what they did to that song.

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    Alright thanks guys

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