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Thread: Does Anybody Have This Tech N9ne Song?

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    Does Anybody Have This Tech N9ne Song?

    Does any know where I can the song that Tech did with Poe Whosaine? I looked everywhere and all I can find is that stupid youtube clip with Tech in Poe's studio spittin a sick ass verse but I can find the whole track. If anybody has it can you upload a link?

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    It doesn't exist, you won't find it... The in-studio version is the only one that exists, I believe that song was intended as a bonus track for All 6's & 7's and Whosaine was just an additional producer that Tech got a chance to work with. Although I think that Poe never hit Tech back after working with him for that first time. But that song is in my list and it's the ONLY VERSION.

    Just delete this thread. I asked the same question almost a year ago.

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    I swear I seen it a long time ago. So it was not intended for all 6's and 7's.

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    Thanks for the list bro. That shit is long as fuck. Did anybody ever tweet Tech directly about it? I would but I don't have a twitter account and don't really want to start one just to ask him one question that probably won't get answered. A friend of my told it was supposed to be for Poe's Gross Anatomy CD but I don't think that shit ever came out.

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    I believe that track was from 2011, I may be wrong though... Still though, All 6's & 7's was in the works months before it actually got dropped, so the window of opportunity for this track to pop in was pretty large, only problem was that the track never got the recognition it needed to take off when it came out. Besides, I think Tech dumped it for a reason, I mean the lyrics in that song are so jacked that you can pretty much TELL it's a total free.

    I'm guessing it was ditched because he couldn't come up with a very good set of verses for the beat. Plus the meet-up was probably staged at an odd time so Tech never got a chance to get back at Poe (or vice-versa.) But there WAS a higher quality version and I used to have it on my XP but that shit fried so I stripped and salvaged it. I still have the harddrive that the track is on but my new comp is a Windows 7 and I have no idea as of how to make such a transfer... Is it possible that I can somehow hook the XP's internal harddrive up to an external one and upload the tracks to it? then run the external onto my Windows 7?

    Maybe I shouldn't be asking this question here, but if you or the OP are really that worried about getting a higher bitrate version of this track, care to explain? Even though I don't see why anybody would care to work so hard on such a wreck of a track :\ and if it wasn't intended for All 6's and 7's, then why does he say it in the song? I don't think Tech has ever mentioned 6's & 7's as a line until he actually came out with All 6's and 7's... Prove me wrong otherwise?

    and you're right SBS, it MAY be for Gross Anatomy, but that shit never dropped like you said ):

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane

    I swear I seen it a long time ago. So it was not intended for all 6's and 7's.

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    The track is not from 2011, theres a 4 year old video of Tech recording his verse for the song. It was supposed to be on a Poe Whosaine album but it was never released.

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