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Thread: Best buy all 6s and 7s!

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    Best buy all 6s and 7s!

    So i live in santa cruz CA and ive been getting money to preorder FMH and get the best buy version of all 6s and 7s. So i finally got down to best buy today, and they only had the regular version!! I really wanted this one, cuz i already have the preorder version, but i really want the strange pendant and extra tracks. So my questions are, will there be any more shipments? Does anyone know of any other best buys near santa cruz that still have it and stock? And finally, does anyone have 2 and will sell me one? Maybe even just the pendant? I think i might just get the pendant on if it comes to that...

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    Ill sell the pendent

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    On like ebay or craigslist or what? And how much?

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    Anyone else?

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    just however, idk whatever you wanna pay for it lol

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    Oh alright haha. Like 25$?

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    Sure! You have paypal?

    Quote Originally Posted by TECHN9cian4life
    Oh alright haha. Like 25$?

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    Idk haha im 15 dogg ill ask somebody. U wouldnt fuck over a fellow technician right?

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    alright sounds good, message me when you get it. and no, ive sold some hopsin cds here before, if you want i can toss it up on ebay with a buy it now for 25.00 and you can buy it like that

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    Why don't you just call all the Best Buys in your area and ask...

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