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Thread: Youtube choppers

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    Youtube choppers

    it is finnaly here yall. If you are a true chopper, get on this. You can either hit up the one who made the video or hit me up at i am the one who did the video response to this video, i am Lyrix, and i am proud to be opening up the Youtube Choppers track with this blazing hot verse

    the beat is not done yet but this is alot what it is ging to sound like. whoever you hit up tho, you are going to be sent the beat and asked to send back 2 files. 1 with your voice to the beat and most importantly your accapella. Hurry as the spots are filling up!

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    Fuck man, I'm waiting for my pal to rip it up too, I've already wrote my verse. There's no way I miss this chance...

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    awesome yo cant wait to hear it help spread the word!

    Quote Originally Posted by H.D.V.
    Fuck man, I'm waiting for my pal to rip it up too, I've already wrote my verse. There's no way I miss this chance...

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    yo contact me at if you are interested in YTC (i'm the producer)

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    Could you send me to beat?

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    good shit fam! i jus sent them all 3 messages to see if i can get them on it!

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    i know...same here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tha Joka
    Wish i had a mic for mind fuck yall.

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    I could spit and make a chorus too. ill look through my archives for a good melody if you want. i love everything about the beat except for the piano, there's something about it that just wrecks the beat for me. the guitar and gunshots are dope as fuck though but it would be a lot better if you put somethin else instead of that piano loop. just tryin to help

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    I'm down email is hit me up with the beat and I'll write and lay it down much love homie -Scarce the Undead

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