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Thread: Meet N Greet Question

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    Meet N Greet Question

    Im going to the VIP in Milwaukee this week. On the StrangeVIP website it says to bring all of your favorite merchandise to have it signed. I been watching some videos online of meet n greets and it seems like they basically let you get a picture, and get something signed really quick, then move you along. Is that how really how it goes at the meet n greet? I planned on bringing a couple posters and some other stuff.

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    Depends on the amount of people and how the line is moving. Some you can get up to like 20 fucking things signed, some are limited to 2 because of the amount of people that they have to get through.

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    i went to the epic this week and i got to chilll with Krizz for atleast ten minutes we talked and he signed alll my shit it was amazin everyone else wasnt as long but still cool the only person u spend less time with is tech cuz hes got a huge ass line for him

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    At the VA show last year I got like 20 things signed, & had all the time in the world to talk to the artists. But it wasnt very packed in the meet & greet.

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    if you do bring alot just have it ready to be signed quick. i handed tech my cd stack and he went at it and had it all done quick

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    Ok cool. Thanks

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