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Thread: Songs to get pumped?

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    Songs to get pumped?

    My football season is comin up here soon, and like everyone else I gotta get psyched up. So I'm wonderin if you all could help throw some songs out that get you pumped up. It don't gotta be SM, just not rock shit. I got alot riding on this season. Recruiting, college, and I told my uncle whos got one foot in the grave that we were gonna be state champs for him this year.. Sorry n shit for the long story but just hopin you all could help.

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    troublesome 96 - 2pac

    im a boss - daz dillinger

    tech n9ne - seepage

    all eyes on me - 2pac

    soldier - eminem

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    I like Fight Music by D12

    Tech N9ne - Beast

    Tech N9ne - No Can Do

    Tech N9ne - Riot Maker

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    Too Much gets me pumped.

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    Go to sleep by dmx, eminem and obie

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    Bad ass thanx

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    Einstein and Riotmaker get me pumped up...but I used to have a recording of Al Pacino's speech from "Any Given Sunday" that I would listen to before every game. Here's a link to it:

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    Enjoy every minute on that field because once it's gone, it's gone for good. I miss playing everyday of my life. Don't leave that field with any regrets.

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    i can never get pumped top rap... listen to some metal

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    Tech N9ne-Einstein

    2-Pac- U Can't C Me

    Tech N9ne-Beast

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