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Thread: Tech jerseys

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    Tech jerseys

    I ordered a medium tech n9ne jersey and im 5 foot 10 inches and like 125 lbs should this jersey fit me? Or not even

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    I think they should have people wearing em on the site and saying how tall they are etc...cause this question gets asked so many times.

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    does anyone know if theres going to be new Brotha Lynch Hung merch??

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    So should it fit me haha?

    Quote Originally Posted by crow
    yes they r long

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    im 5'9 and a medium was wayy too big

    they make the jerseys for fat ass ghetto thugs

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    Damn are you kidding me? Cuz thts wat I ordered fck! Which one did you get?

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    I am 5' 9, 165 lbs and I have an XL jersey from the Everready era. That thing is pretty huge on me, comes to my knees. I would like to think a Medium would fit just fine, but I've never tried on one of the newer jerseys.

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    It should fit you man. I'm 6'3/225 and I have a 3XL jersey, and it's kinda long for me Haha one of my friends has an XL and its a good fit. So yeah, I'd say Medium should be fine for someone who's 5'10.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Chavez

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