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Thread: Sampler 2011

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    Sampler 2011

    I was wondering if anyone's heard any news about the 2011 Strange sampler. I'm not sure if they'd put one out since the major releases are out and Tech hasn't started Strangeland, but I was watching a Ustream from I think march and Stevie Stone said that he recorded a few tracks for the sampler and I asked Kutt on Twitter a while back and he thought there was going to be one.

    Maybe someone could ask at a Meet and Greet or something.

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    Word on the streets is that they will be out after the tour

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    Nice, nice. That's good to hear. I watch every interview I can find, but I can never find anything about it.

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    They never say much about samplers in interviews

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    Yeah I know, but I was hoping for something. The rest of the albums scheduled are all EPs aside from the TBA albums, so I was starting to think we wouldn't get one this year or something.

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