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Thread: Jay Rock------Follow Me Home OFFICAL TRACKLIST

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    Jay Rock------Follow Me Home OFFICAL TRACKLIST

    <p ="text-align: left;"><img height="480" width="480" src="" title="jay rock follow me home" ="size-full wp-image-54027 aligncenter"/>[/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;"> [/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;">1. Intro (Skit)2. Code Red3. Bout That4. No Joke (Feat. Ab-Soul)5. Hood Gone Love It (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)6. Westside (Feat. Chris Brown)7. Elbows8. Boomerang9. All I Know Is10. I'm Thuggin11. Kill Or Be Killed (Feat. Tech N9ne &amp; Krizz Kaliko)12. Just Like Me (feat. J. Black)13. Say Wassup (feat. Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar &amp; Schoolboy Q)14. They Be On It15. M.O.N.E.Y.16. Finest Hour17. Life's A Gamble (Feat. Rick Ross &amp; BJ The Chicago Kid)18. All My Life (Feat. Lil Wayne &amp;[/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;"> [/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;">[/p]

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    Much more believable lol.

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    this looks about right, wish kutty was on it tho.

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    This looks more like it

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    Sick still cant wait for it even tho all the features arent what they were

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    Disappointing to see a lot of the major features from past songs not make the cut. I know some of the tracks were old, but they would have helped.

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    Now this is a real tracklist. But damn im hella disappointed to not see Kutt on there.

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    Senior Member tone's Avatar
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    whers busta

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    I knew that other tracklist wasnt real but damn Tech on only one track and Krizz Kaliko is the only other Strange Music artist on there that is some wack shit on the real.Not gonna lie shit looks real weak to me.

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