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Thread: favorite non strange rapper..

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    favorite non strange rapper..

    who's your favorite rapper thats not Strange affiliated?

    drop a quoteable to show skill or why u like this artist

    for example:

    Royce Da 5'9

    'Above the Law'

    "I'm achu homie, I'm at your home ready to spray you while you nappin' homie Have everything on and around your mattress lookin' like the word in front of 'matrimony"

    also no rock, keep it hip hop. from any time period in hip hop history

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    Senior Member DougMartin's Avatar
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    Yelawolf, no quote required lol

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    "Because you were the opposite of what you told me you don't do, drugs, one night stands and you know that it's so true, you saw my heart exposed, grabbed a hold and then broke through, hoes are just so rude, fucking bogus and cold to, oh but there's no dude you would let interfere, with our love, that's the exact shit you said in my ear, when you arrived in my world, I thought heaven was near, but time made it very clear that the devil was here, so fuck you."

    "Sorry that ain't very merry to say, why is this game so scary to play?
    Well let me think, cause every day my balls are getting too hairy to shave
    Pause a minute, I'm stressin' the game if I go to hell, than heaven's is to blame
    I don't mean to come off crazy but you mothafuckas seem to think that I'm hella deranged."

    Quote Originally Posted by All 6's & 7's

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    Inb4 everyone saying hopsin

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    "I don't write this to perform it, NOR do I say it to record it,
    I feel that I am answering A CALLING!
    Fantastic rhyme mechanics, like that of a blind pianist,
    The keys are metallic, my fingers are magnets,"

    and many many more

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    Big K.R.I.T.

    "Trade my materials for a peace of mind
    I'm so close to heaven, hell, I just need some time
    Who cares about life and the high's and low's
    Maybe I should write another song about pimps and hoes
    Cars & clothes. Idol Gods. golden calves. Louis scarves
    I do this for the love and it's free of charge
    I don't need jail to be behind bars"


    Pusha T

    "Didn't listen so prison is what they did to him
    Accountant, unscathed millions is what they hid through him
    Same principles you must adhere
    Lohan's get the breaks, the T.I.'s, we just steer through them.."

    2pac.... No quote necessary

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    And another one is Homeboy Sandman:

    "I don't give a fuck when you're rappin 'bout your weapons and your cash

    Motherfucker, you can blow it out the rectum of your ass

    Drop me off in any sector, any section of the map,

    In about a second I successfully adapt

    Every second's millisecond I be workin on my craft

    I be runnin rap but I will never catch a cramp

    'cause before I make a record I be stretchin out my calves"

    "How ridiculous reaching for stars, you can't even stare at the sun yet"

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    2pac as blizzum said, no quote required

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    "Pressure Cracks"

    but I learned a lesson from didn't I and if I didn't who the hell is gonna teach me
    I've been looking for answers and none of em ever offer the lesson that will reach me
    who can see me losing personal relationships like people do their house keys
    I've been outside looking inside with a shadow casted all around me

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