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Thread: Where do the Bonus Tracks go in All 6's and 7's

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    Where do the Bonus Tracks go in All 6's and 7's

    So, I just got back from Best Buy and listened to the bonus tracks (Fantastic, all of them!), but I'm curious where do the go in the album?

    Something I've always loved about Tech's albums is that there is a clear progression (On several albums Tech calls out the section), this is not lost on All 6's and 7's, there are clear sections and a clear and deliberate order to the tracks.

    Where would you say the bonus tracks belong, to keep the flow and story of the album?

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    I feel like they are all bonus tracks cause they dont fit anywhere on the album. I not saying they are bad Im just sayin if you try to mix them in with the album they will sound really out of place

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