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Thread: Thoughts of this technician (edited)

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    Thoughts of this technician (edited)

    I am a technician livin the 6 and the 7 if you wanna hear my thoughts then just listen to the words I'm speaking we are sustanation the relief from all this devastation sent from heaven born for creation our time is coming your time has come don't get in the way because all who oppose are bound to fall this world is our inheritance a sandbox that we can build castles in a world you all took for granted divinity is far from insanity and yet you call us insane because the thoughts in our brains angels from the skies above trapped here with you demons intellectually above you its a shame we had to live among you corrupting the very fabric of my soul causing the demon to feed on me and grow confining me under the wall of fire but as I grew older I taught myself the anger and hatred was unnessecarry even though at times I can still explode that's my way of lettin out all of the pain and sorrow I hold from all the years of being so lost and alone noone to talk to the stress of the pain eating me alive from the inside out hollow felt like a life I could do without my father was my worst fear and the death of my grandmother who was my reason for being because my real mother loved me but was to busy to care for me left me in a daze feeling what it meant to be hurt with only me in this harsh world slowly the flames rose burning through to the core of me angels and demons in my conflicting mind leading me to self discovery though the pain put me in a hole that was dark and full of sin I crawled out and Found what I was missing stronger now then I've ever been I'm me and not some shadow stuck in the dark with evil in his heart writing is my freedom from what is killing me the only way I can speak the words that are my remedy sometimes I just need to bleed it all out before I get cut scars are easy to open but I'm hard to read I'm just trying to be understood by people that are like me I don't need no more judgemental eyes lookin down upon me besides only my creator can judge me I'm up on planet Joseph sittin here alone patiently waiting for everything to change and for this purpose we were made fallen angels about to rise hitting you like waves from the oceans during high tide eating your souls whole knocking you out of the way whatever you can take trust me we can dish it destroy you all if you wish it the new nation under the number n9ne we ain't human can't tell me im lying when you were told what to believe look in my eyes tell me what you see Shouldn't shock you to much to find I can see through you like I'm looking through a glass window but when you try to look in mine all you see is a reflection of yourself thats when i smile because you showed me that your blind to the things in my mind just relax sit back watch the clock let time pass by but look real close because time reveals all soon you'll see the wings on our backs putting your doubt to bed once and for all one thing I've learned is that life is what you make it understand me and look inside yourself to find your truth These are the thoughts of this technician don't judge me just listen im with the movement we ain't evil were technicians wholeheartedly in life and in death what are you ?

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    Wait, is this a rap? I'm sorry, I confused it for a giant paragraph of unorganized jibberish.

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    It's more of some thoughts call it what u want

    Quote Originally Posted by Living T
    Wait, is this a rap? I'm sorry, I confused it for a giant paragraph of unorganized jibberish.

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