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Thread: Check her out...

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    Dec 2009

    Check her out...

    Lady Leshurr from the UK. One of the first times I've been blown away by a female emcee. What do you guys think?

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    Senior Member KingRasta's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Fuckin' WSHH...

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    DWAMN!!! Ears started smokin' a little...

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    Senior Member DJ605's Avatar
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    Feb 2010

    lol just the female version of busta..pretty damn ipressive.

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    Senior Member ThaJoka's Avatar
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    Snow better.

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    Okay I wasn't feeling her untill the second verse we she started choppin now she gets my respect

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    Did someone just find the female for Strange Tech has been looking for? Haha but seriously that was pretty ill!

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    she's kewl, but Shystie destroy's her, dont believe me? check her out, best female rapper on da planet

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    Take this chick anyday over Lady Sovereign....

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    Like when she raps fast. Dislike her singin. Sounds like she's 12. Hella good tho. Mad respect

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