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Thread: Tech N9ne/ Strange music Pump up Songs?

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    Tech N9ne/ Strange music Pump up Songs?

    What do you guys think are some good pump up/ workout songs from Tech and other Strange music rappers?

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    i use...

    *Technicians-Tech N9ne*

    *Road Rage-Tech N9ne Ft. Irv da Phenom*

    *I Plotted(my next murder)- Brotha Lynch Hung*

    I C U-Brotha Lynch Hung Ft. Tech N9ne

    *Taking Online Orders-Brotha Lynch Hung Ft. Tech N9ne*

    Kill or be Killed- Jay Rock Ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

    the * represent the better ones. hope it helps.

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    stress relief by tech is a good one.

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    Riotmaker and the beast are the first ones to come to my mind

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    I workout 5 days a week and these are some of my fav workout/hype songs I like to pound in my ipod at the gym

    My World

    This is me


    It's Alive

    Dead Wrong (Krizz)

    Crazy Love

    shiiit i can go on for hours, but those are the songs i been crankin lately

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    Tech N9ne

    2 Piece

    Fan or Foe


    Come Gangsta


    Gangsta Shap


    Riot Maker

    Sickology 101

    Soldiers at War


    My World

    Welcome To The Midwest

    Brotha Lynch

    9mm Killa Weed

    Return Of The Baby Killer

    Welcome To Your Own Death

    Dead Man Walking

    Colostomy Bag

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