The Outlawz has announced what they claim will be their final album, <em>Perfect Timing</em>, due on September 13th- the anniversary of Belly and more.

Additionally, a DVD entitled <em>Outlawz Worldwide Vol. 2</em> will accompany the album. Before the LP's release, the group will release a mixtape titled <em>Killuminati 2K11</em>, hosted by DJ Kayslay and DJ Smallz, on July 14th. The tape will feature guest appearances from 8-Ball, Young Buck and Lowkey, and will feature a remix of Meek Mill's-'Tupac Back'

I remember reading this in the TRTNblog awhile ago. I got this from Hip Hop Dx.

I cant w8 to hear this I think its goin to be tight. I wonder what producers are goin 2 be on the album? The track w/ Tech is goin to be sick I cant w8 to hear it. Wonder what its goin 2 sound like?