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Thread: Is anybody else interested in seeing a Tech N9ne callabo with Mac Lethal?

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    Is anybody else interested in seeing a Tech N9ne callabo with Mac Lethal?

    Theres some vids on youtube of Mac rapping incredibly fast and I was thinking "Damn why can't Tech and Mac calloborate?" I mean they're both from KC and have given eachother shout outs in songs.

    Strange if you are listening PLEASE hit up Mac and see whats up!!

    In this vid skip to 1:09 for the fast part

    While yall are on youtube check out other fast white rappers "Machine Gun Kelly" and "GHO5T (opened for Tech already FUCKIN DOPE!)"

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    he is fast but i dont like he's flow tbh, and the lyrics aren't that great

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    I like Mac lethal but rapping too fast on a track just sounds weird, it just sounds like he speeded up his vocals on thy black and yellow beat which I know he didn't but it just sounds like it

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    I like him, he did a show with del about a week ago. I heard it was amazing but couldn't go.
    Here's somethin funny, skip past the videos and stuff in the beginning and get to the battle

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    maybe clusterfuck? either way mac is sick as shit and i would love 2 hear him on a track with tech

    Quote Originally Posted by Tecca Ninna
    I thought he was supposed to be on All 6's & 7's, but I guess not. Hopefully on Strangeland.

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    Definitely bro, Mac Lethal rips. I'm sure it's in the process since it was a confirmed track for all 6's and 7's, or so the word of mouth was. Ghost is tight, but he doesn't release songs that often and his voice is annoying to most people. For me, I just don't listen to him straight. The Jokerr is tight too, but that's also only my opinion. He has received some hate on here but I'm posting his newest track on another thread. It has a diss to Grewsum, if you know who that is.

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    thought he was gonna be on WWC and watch his rap battles

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