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Thread: No ¡Mayday! at Aug 5th Indy show?

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    No ¡Mayday! at Aug 5th Indy show?

    The tour stops at the Egyptian room in Indy on August 5th, but the !MayDay! site only has that they are playing on the 4th and the 6th in Louisville and Sauget. Does anybody have any info on this? I hear they are insane live, and I would really be bummed if they weren't playing. I might consider driving the extra hour or so to see them in Sauget.

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    this is a little off-subject, but are the tickets for Indy sold-out? I tried looking a few weeks ago and got an error message and then again tonight, I got the same message. But when I looked on Stub-Hub just to see if it were available there for some reason, there were tickets started at $45.... didn't know if they were legit or what?? any info??

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