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    i pretend you didnt replied to this topic, seriously grow up bitch, keep on the trollin , u been playing on the fucking internet, get a life nigga you're like 22 years old and you are playing probaly videogames qauze you aint got no girl to play with, go fuck you're homos retarded bitch and i really cant blame on you anymore, qauze it woulda been sad, you probaly did born wrong and you're probaly retarded or have a disease im sorry homie

    Quote Originally Posted by Juno
    Weak, i can't take rappers with accents seriously. just american wannabes

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    man don't hate on video games that's cold

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    Good to see some other people listen to Lowkey. Hes dope as fuck. Im lookin forward to Soundtrack To The Struggle

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    ^ yea i've known lowkey since like 4 months ago, i nearly listen to him all the time

    also how do you make it youtube in you're post xd

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    Lowkey fo sho. Nice tunes (meaningful)

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    1. fool i'm the one made Lowkey relevant on this site :P

    lol jk it's all good

    2. Lowkey has way better songs than those, but indeed those are dope. very political, and very humble

    3. Juno rapping doesn't make you an American wannabe. If you had a pair of ears and listened to Lowkey's political tracks you would see how stupid he makes ignorant 'Americans are better than everyone' people like you seem.

    4. he's done more good for the world than you. He's done benefit shows for Palestinians who are living in a virtual prison by Israel, doing shows to promote the cause, and raising money for hospitals and the like, as well as doing a shit ton of public speaking about it.

    Now feel happy that i payed a stupid troll like you have my attention and shut up

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