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Thread: "Strange Music Discography" project

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    "Strange Music Discography" project

    I was initially going to post this link up as a reply to Psycho's "Ultimate Tech N9ne Collection" thread, but I didn't want there to be any perceived disrespect by "hijacking" his thread. Thus, I throw it up here instead.

    It's the evolution of the discography that arguably "started it all." Bold statement, I know... The original discography was compiled by Siccness user Hollow, collected from years of posts over there and the knowledge of several users including myself. Siccness user Tech6688846993 played a bit part in helping it grow as well, and was someone that uncovered many tracks that were long forgotten. There were other contributors over the years.

    It began to outgrow the forum, due to post length limits and such. That's when I began working on my version in parrelel with it. I think the original thread has since been deleted, due to failed attempts to "fix" the limitations.

    This project has had some stagnant periods over the past several years. Lack of interest or time has seen it go months upon months without any updates. It was easier to maintain when it was a thread over there and the other contributors would post up new findings that needed to be added and such.

    So maybe this little thread can serve as motivation to keep it updated. Some more eyes looking it over to find missing entries, suggest corrections, etc... you know?

    Or maybe you all just say it sucks, you never know! :O

    Or maybe someone from Strange sees this and says "Oh hell no!" and I promptly receive a cease and desist... holy crap!

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    Thanks for putting this up. Seeing that very few will reply to this, I might as well... But yes, all the information stated above is true. The Strange Music Discography Project has been in the works for years, although any progress on the gathering has been severely deterred due to the sudden disappearances of many helpful collectors.

    I alone (and yes it's practically just me now) cannot gather all of these tracks, Mizery_Made no longer has the time that he used to, and any other major collector that was around just upped-and-outed. So if there are mass collectors out there, reveal yourself... Because I can guarantee that one person (saying this as a very avid rap collector) will not be able to see into every corner of the internet.

    I can almost GUARANTEE that there are unheard of tracks out there, I've hardly been able to keep up with myself ever since I began collecting Tech tracks... About a year ago, I transformed my Tech collection from a few studio albums, EPs, and a mixtape, into the biggest, most chronologically organized album listing around the web. and I NEARLY broke the text limit when doing so. There are so many tracks to gather out there, and I strongly encourage people to start helping.

    But onto the topic of how to continue our collecting without breaking the text limit. Mizery_Made, is there perhaps a way to give administrative powers to another person, (such as myself) that way your page can be added onto more fluently? If not, then is it possible for you to explain how you came about making that page and actually managed to do it?

    But please people, keep an eye out for those Tech tracks. Also, we're not necessarily looking for Tech collectors ONLY. Anybody who could manage to cover a mass amount of Strange material would be kindly obliged.

    ~Strange 4 Life.

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    Yeah but I've been listening to Tech since '05-'06, I didn't start collecting everything of his until about a year ago... and I really only count the past few months because I used to be completely out of the loop when it came to gathering the music. I know how to find most of the hard shit with ease now, I mean, I've come this far. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Ross

    I thought you told me it only took you around 2 months to gather all this music. LIAR! Lol

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