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    ima monster...similar to wuts hidin in ur {OPEN CLOS_ET}i'll pop out wit a knife and cutcha head {OFF A BIT}my dICK is for chICKs bitch so hop {OFF OF IT}(fag)ya head is a pill and im{POPIN IT}(gulp)take ya dome and break bowlin rules and start{LOBBING IT}(hey..u cant do that)call me a juggarnaut cause the flow you aint {STOPPIN IT}immaculant yO...wit a spectacular flO the skill level is higher then everest so you aint {TOPPIN IT}--i kill like a cult leader mass murderer call me {MANSON}this lil girl is soft like the members of that boy band {HANSON}ur just a .22 caliber and im a battleship{CANNON}fire lyrics like scud missles...ur Lebennon(ha ha) ur no longer {STAND_UN}--tramplin on this cow patty like i was a one man {STAMPEDE}(move bitch)crush ya lUNgs just for fUN and laugh cause you{CANT BREATH}shoot stab and damge you then toss ya body wit a{HO, HEVE}grab ur neck and shake it like a branch and loosin ur head like a{FROZE LEAF}--im killin thIS biTCH with viciousnESS and not{GIVIN A FUCK}relentlessnESS leavin no witnessES when i {UNLOAD AND BUST}like a fog or miST and suspissionlESS is how i disappear{AND SUCH}spittin thIS like it was venomOUS and leave you disfigured{AND FUCKED}(got damn}

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    in the words of the late great Notorious B.I.G. SPIT YO GAME TALK YO SHIT!!!!!!!!! hate if you want you just gonna bump this thread.

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    No one wants to read bars typed in paragraphs

    Flow must sound like shit, can't imagine the aftermath

    Convert it to a smell and you just passed gas

    Ryhming jumped you and made your ass grass

    Your like the guy in the joke that chose a pineapple

    I should grab you and choke or better yet grab my scalpel

    Shred you like cheese now you cant feel the breeze

    Your full of holes completey deceaced, motherfucka please

    What where you thinkin going at me, I put you in freeze

    And at your funeral you'll family wont see your cheeks

    Cause I made it look like spehgetti then celebrated with confetty

    Went joy riding in a chevy looking for old bitchs to fuck like betty

    Then later that night I put coke nice and tight in your corpse, wo

    Inserted mintoes and watched your head explode off your torso

    I guess karma just got your dad for doing bad in his past

    Making a incest child, to hillbillys its rad but to me it is sad

    Do you remember when you got all F's, That was incest

    Do you remember when you licked you sisters brest, That was incest

    Do you remember when you stuck that fork in the socket, That was Inbred

    Do you remember when you seen that cow and knocked it, That was Inbred

    Ey, the point is your shit and I must admit my rhymes eat you like ritz

    Say more, must I really add more spit, against you? you ryhme sucks like ticks

    Copyed the format for "Do You Remember" from a King Gordy song. No real hate here though.

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