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Thread: Big Sean on Tech N9ne's Indie Hustle... he says he can relate...smh

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    Big Sean on Tech N9ne's Indie Hustle... he says he can relate...smh

    It's that second video on the sucker free countdown thing on MTV.... just watch it after the "tech invites you into strangeland" or whatever its called... Its pretty funny. he says he can relate to Tech cuz even though he's signed to a label, he knows what it's like to be on that "grind" coming up on his own promoting mixtapes... yea he worked really hard just like tech n9ne... TO GET SIGNED haha

    Sorry just kinda annoyed me...anyone feel the same?

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    i don't think he meant he works just AS hard as tech does, but they both have done a lot of work to get where they are now.

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    i feel the same way as you, just i didnt care enough to make a stupid post.

    but as for big sean, that nigga aint know shit. tech got his name around by touring and killin shows, not by being a bitch made nigga.

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    U and ur picture kind of annoy me too, u dont know what it was like for big sean before he got signed so stfu fag

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    smh to this thread, he shouts out to tech n9ne and ya'll hatin, i want to see a Big Sean and Tech Collab

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