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    tech i know your into that zodiac shit. i was wondering how much you get into it?

    i personaly, bein educated in the bible, i only concerder it to be like a clock, that tells the signs of the seasons.

    and depending were/when you were born, you are more pron to curtain elements/personality traits, likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness ect.

    but incase you didn't know, every one shares a sun, sign and a moon sign. but since america goes only on a solar calander know body really knows that. now we all know you have the sun sign scorpio. which describes you very well. what you or most everyone else doesn't know is that your moon sign is a gemini! now that explains alot more, like your split personality/ good/evil

    i also have a moon sign gemini. but thank the Lord God, i am also a leo.

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    so my 2nd question would be:

    did you know what you moon sign is.

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    hmm i just checked it again and it said you was a leo.. what time of day were you born.

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