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Thread: Most You Spent?

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    Most You Spent?

    im bored, just wanted to know whats the most you spent on cds at one time, yesterday i spent about 100, the most ever cuz i usually only buy one cd at a time, but i bought another copy of 6s7s yesterday at bestbuy, yea buddy, got 4 copies now, best buy where i live still has plenty of cds with the pendants left, i was goin to buy 3 that time but i didnt, and i rebought KOD, absolute power, killer, bad meets evil, big sean cd, and wiz khalifa, i was gonna buy Lasers but theres like only one song i like on it

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    I used to buy cassettes and cd's like a madman, drove and flew to different parts of the country to buy local and hard to find shit.

    In one store alone I spent over 500 dollars. (Real Records in KC)

    Over a 1 week span I spent around 2000 in SFC.

    I had a bad habit.

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    damn thats alot, that aint shit compared to me, but if i really made bank i would be spendin that much on cds too, i like buying mainly at best buy, cheapest anywhere around here, the last stop cd shop they have i think there over priced for cds that came out like 10 years ago, and fye is too, best buy is what i stick too

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    45 at Rasputin


    Proof's Searching for Jerry Garcia

    Lynch's DAAM

    Tech's KOD

    D12's Devil's Night

    Dirty Wormz' Parazite

    Canibus' Rip The Jacker

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    i just dont understand why people buy multiple copies of an album..

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    The reason I do it is because my friends are to broke and I wanna boost the artist sales show love since there shown love it's a technician thing lol just playin but really

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason
    i just dont understand why people buy multiple copies of an album..

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    When I had a job the first thing I would do on pay day was go to Hastings and check out the new releases. Now that I dont have a job, I usually only save up for the Strange releases. But uh, I would say the most Ive gotten at one time was maybe 5 or 6 CDs.

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    Once I bought....

    Nas- Stillmatic

    Big Tymers- Hood Rich

    Nelly- Country Grammer

    Tech N9ne - Absolute Power & Anghellic

    Chamillionaire- Chamillitary & Sound Of Revenge 2 copies

    Dre Dre. Chronic 2001

    And 2pac All Eyez On Me.

    i bought all that at it was like 190 somthing

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    I used to be a cheap ass and just borrowed CDs and stuff but before the meet and greet I bought every tech album from absolute power to kod and got them all signed last year

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    I honestly dont think ive bought more than one CD at a time lol

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