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Thread: DWAMN! kcuf ouy fi live si tahw ouy pihsrow.

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    DWAMN! kcuf ouy fi live si tahw ouy pihsrow.


    anybody have any questions about lyrics old and new. or about any thing, feel free to ask...

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    what are the last words in the second verse of "cult leader"?

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    any body know the current sales of 6's 7's?

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    Senior Member CJsiccness's Avatar
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    pu kcuf eht tuhs

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJsiccness
    pu kcuf eht tuhs

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    it would be;

    tuhs eht kcuf pu

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    Senior Member mattmeyer's Avatar
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    this is actualy not the worst thread youve made... whats he say backwards in give it up?

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    what is racecar backwards?

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    lmao same shit thats crazy never knew that

    Quote Originally Posted by DrMacYoHunny
    what is racecar backwards?

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