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Thread: Brotha Lynch Hung's Setlist

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    Brotha Lynch Hung's Setlist

    i was hoping someone could help me out and let me know Lynch Hung's setlist for the Independent Powerhouse tour

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    I started a thread asking for everyones setlist to the tour and this is what I got:

    Tech& Krizz: EBAH, Am I A Psycho, Spaz, He's A Mental Giant, Riot Maker, Who Do I Catch, No Can Do, Einstein, MWC, MWC2, WWC, Blackened the Sun, Seepage, Low, Red Nose, Unstable, Anxiety, Sickology 101, Psycho Bitch, Psycho Bitch II, Come Gangsta, Bout Ta Bubble, Welcome to the Midwest, Dysfunctional, KC Tea, Caribou Lou, Don't Tweet This, Areola, Ima Playa, Stamina, The Pledge (full)

    Brotha Lynch: DOA, ICU, MDK, Meat Cleaver, Refuse To Lose (potentially one more

    Kutty: Strange $, 501s and Rightsides, That's My Word, Bunk Rock Bitch (potentially two more)

    Rittz: White Jesus, Crazy, Bloody Murdah, For Real, Sleep At Night, High Five (full)

    Ces: 4 Nothin', Juice, It's Over, Get Off, One Bomb State (potentially one more)

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    Brotha Lynch Hung comes out to Welcome To My World

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    Also does: Went From (one of his best tracks), The coathanga, and maybe Rest in Piss.

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    Figured I'd ask here instead of starting a new thread....anyone know the order of performers for this tour? I'm going tonight but might be late and I do not wanna miss lynch

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    There's another thread somewhere about the tour setlist that I posted some in depth Ces Cru and Kutt set info as well as the order and that thread has a good list of Techs set, 30+ songs long but each opener gets about 25 minutes and does 6-8 songs depending on length. It starts with Ces, then Rittz, Kutt, BLH, then Tech with Kali. Kali gets a few solos during the set.

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