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Thread: Eminem - Space Bound (Music Video)

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    Eminem - Space Bound (Music Video)

    After watching this a few times, I'm still confused as to the concept of the video... anyone got a clue? Dope ass song and tight video IMO

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    <span>small film about a daydream, a violent imagery and in a sense, the summary and explanation of the most controversial poems of Em
    It is in fact only visions, he does not kill nobody, nobody ends up in the trunk or being strangled.
    In the video Em imagine getting into a car with a girl in the middle of the night, while his alter ego, sitting in the back seat giving voice to his thoughts, imagining a dialogue that does not happen (we all do when we dream with open eyes). Once you are in a sort of lodge on the road you see again the split: Em is only but imagine the girl at the counter at the table (which is now his girlfriend, dreams, and the plots are changed a year and a half passes in the second), Imagine reading your messages on your phone while you are away for the toilet (he has a gun tucked in his pants), imagine (constant in his life) the betrayal and the tragedy that follows. Finally, the dispute in the bedroom, strangulation (censored) and suicide.
    But nothing has really happened, every thing in his mind and, as in his music, is not quite real.
    Khan inspired me more than double the second dream in inception (as mentioned by many) directs a video difficult, and beautiful film.
    A note on Sasha Grey: beyond the jokes, the Grey ufficalmente closed with adult films, it's nice that someone has wanted to beyond his previous performance.

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    hella late

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    video sux jus like 70% of the shit Em does now... IMO

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    It's actually a pretty cool video (subject matter is kinda retread for Em) but that chorus almost ruins a good storyline...

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