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Thread: ahh my tech cherry

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    ahh my tech cherry

    I discovered tech n9ne from a friend of mine who was beatin in his mom car on the way to school in 99 when anghelic first came out. from the moment i heard the ill lyrics and the beats i was a hooked for life technician. since then ive been to every kansas city show, every area show, every signing, and bought only in store cds just to support my boy. TECHNICIAN FOR LIFE!

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    you should have posted this in the thread that at the moment is under you which says how did you first discover tech

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    coolest story ever bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer

    coolest story ever bro

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    Wheres ur super cool end cat??

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer

    coolest story ever bro

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    didnt Anghellic come out 2000-2001 not 99?

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    came out 2001

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    exactly. NEW FAN .

    Quote Originally Posted by VIP
    came out 2001

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