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Thread: Fav Beat on A6A7s

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    Fav Beat on A6A7s

    what was your favorite track beat wise, mine was delusional produced by willpower...he's starting to become a fav producer for me..his best beats i think are Delusional and Pop the Trunk, and another fav off the album was So Lonely, that beat gets the blood pumpin, the stupidest beat i thought was Give It Up, the beat was annoying as hell

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    oh and WWC, cuz Seven is just a beast at makin beats

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    I agree with you 100% but I must add Mama Nem and He's A Mental Giant!!!

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    I would have to say Am I A Psycho!! This album is definitely missing Rob Rebeck. This is Tech's weakest album IMO. After 1 week I went back to the old shit lol!

    Not saying I don't like it, but its my least favorite if ya get that!

    Congrats to your Mavs too, I was doggin them but they finally came through!!! World Champs!

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    So Lonley


    Worldwide Choppers

    Hes A Mental Giant


    Fuck Food

    If I Could

    Cult Leader


    I liked the production of pretty much the whole album. And tech killed every beat. One of techs best production wise and lyricaly IMO. I personally love this album, still cant get enough.

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    Ya Killin Me & Boogieman are my two faves

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    Of course Worldwide Choppers.. How could I forget that one!!

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    1.WWC (the bass is incredible)

    2.Delusional (dope ass beat)

    3.Cult Leader

    4.So Lonely


    also i like the beat to "Rock and Roll Nigga"

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    Lotta good beats on the album. My favorite is probably Cult Leader or Delusional.

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