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Thread: Which strange tracks get you pumped?

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    Which strange tracks get you pumped?

    Hello all.

    I'm joining the Marine Corps in September, and needless to say, 6 days a week I'm working out extremely hard. I have all the Strange Music artists on my iPod to get me pumped for the gym and it's awesome.

    My question to you guys is which tracks get you pumped? Doesn't even need to be Strange Music artists. I'm curious to see what tracks you guys like, and even some new shit to put on my playlist while I'm pushing weights.

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    Senior Member c4's Avatar
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    tech- the beast

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    Rock n Roll Nigga
    Come Gangsta

    Welcome To The Midwest

    Welcome To My World

    All The Chopper Tracks


    Psycho Bitch


    ......and the one that gets me pumped the most out of all Tech's songs is...INDUSTRY IS PUNKS!!~!!

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    Senior Member ZachFlatow's Avatar
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    lol come gangsta is not a good workout song

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    Good shit. Die Motherfucker Die has been on my playlist for a long time lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer

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    strange music box off of K.O.D is a good one, bumpin that in the hockey changeroom

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    Ice Cube-Fuck Dying (Feat. Korn)

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    Strange music box, show me a god, riot maker, industry is punks

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