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Thread: How did you first discover tech n9ne??

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    How did you first discover tech n9ne??

    Story time.
    First discovered tech n9ne summer of '06. I was up in the attic goin through shit to see what I was gonna take to college. Opened a box of my brothers shit and there was a spool of cd's that were all beat to shit. First two said ebk and the third said tech n9ne; lower case and slightly faded. Don't know why but I grabbed tech and a bunch more stuff from the attic. Left the next morning for a 5 drive from Portland to Wenatchee Washington. After "my ghetto report card", "east 1999", and "kamikaze" the tech cd popped in (those confused; 6 disc changer). The following songs played. Breathe, devil boy, be warned, stamina, absolute power, tormented, Mitch bade, and yada, yada, yada. The rest of the cd was other artist. I replayed all 8 songs the rest of the trip, breathe was basically stuck on repeat!! As soon as I got to Wenatchee I went and bought anghellic and absolute power. Shortly after "evereready" came out. I was fuckin hooked. Been listinin religiously since. And caught every concert 06.

    How'd you get hooked?

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    I was in FYE (2005) and i saw some crazy ass dude with RED SPIKED hair and I picked it up and listening the demo....I've been hooked ever since

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    i like this thread...

    story time

    well im not good with dates. but in the beginning of my 8th grade year me and a few frineds got into graffiti and and a tag crew. one of the friends from that tag crew made me a mix cd with a buncha shit i had never heard of at the time on it. including "Im A Playa" "Imma Tell" and "The Beast". those three songs stood out to me the most on that cd. and i didnt even know who they were by. not long after my older brother moved bakk into my familys house and he bhad an mp3 player i borrowed all the time. it had a small selection. dr. dre (chronic & 2001). all the outkast albums. wu tangs 36 chambers. and then two tech albums. anghellic and absolute power. that shit was on repeat for the next year straight till he moved out, late in my freshamn year in high school "caribou lou" became the coolest song to ever hit my town. and it got played more then the radio. at least by everyone i hung out with. so i got bakk into tech. by the next year. i had pretty much surveyed and feel in love with every tech song i could find. then i listened to the strange music library. fell in love with all the strange cats too. and been religiously listenin to tech/strange since. not to mention mamkin everybody that knows me listen to them. lol

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    The first time for me was when my brother had his friend over at the time Absolute power came out They stated playing it and the first song I heard was 'I'mma tell' and ever since then i begged my bro for thenew tech n9ne cd when it came out and i bump them loudly and proudly everyday so much that it pisses my parents off. Thanks bro for getting me hooked on tech.

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    My good buddy, "Cpt. Canuck" would bumb Tech's tunes and I heard it and liked it. Went out and bought every album since, and also the ones that I missed out on before.

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    My best friend, brought a mixtape over with Slacker on it when i was in the 9th grade around 2001. I thought i was tight but i had my head up mainstream's ass so long i didnt really care for it like i should've. Then i saw him on the Beef DVD and they had one clip of him saying "But you can NEVER fuck with me lyrically cause im on some other shit you gonna be able to do what i do PLUS" i thought it was the funniest shit but i still didnt bump his music like that. Then a few years later, i was sleep and i left the tv on and herd Like Yeah in my dreams. I thought the song was so hot, I downloaded it and Everybody Move but i still wasnt on it. Then I walked into Best Buy on a random day and saw KOD on the shelves. I didnt know it had came out so i bought it and i was hooked from then. But i didnt call him the greatest untill i heard Harvey Dent

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    i heard lets get fucked up well the summer edition lets get krunked up on the radio when i was 7 or 8 years old.. grew up with tech album by album

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    Few years back my friend was always talking about tech n9ne and stuff but I hated every other artist he made me listen too. So eventually he got me to listen to "Be Warned" and I was hooked! Picked up Everready and from then Anghellic etc and love this shit lol

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    Few years back my friend was always talking about tech n9ne and stuff but I hated every other artist he made me listen too. So eventually he got me to listen to "Be Warned" and I was hooked! Picked up Everready and from then Anghellic etc and love this shit lol

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    I first heard his name on some random underground songs on youtube like in 07-08. Didn't get into him until he was billed on Paid Dues 09. I was really into Murs at the time and he did an interview with him and was saying that Tech was dope. So I decided to check his music out on youtube and I became an instant fan.

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