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Thread: Tech N9ne vip Des moines

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    Tech N9ne vip Des moines

    just got my pass never been to a meet n greet im stokked. hows everything work. is ittt dope?

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    100000000000 post about this....

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    bring in a few things you want signed stand in line for each artist...if you dont get to starstruck ask questions,make definitely have them all sign your vip shirt.. thats it really my dude... worth the money for sure.. box of merch cds and all, meet the strange crew, dont know if youve been to one of techs/krizz/kutt/rittz/lynch/ces/ shows? but if not than i can tell you it's the best fucking Rap/hiphop concert you'll ever see!!! Your gonna love it!!

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    it was one of the best experiences ive ever had. youll have a great time

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