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Thread: Bloodstepp - Bass And Bubblegum INFO

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    Bloodstepp - Bass And Bubblegum INFO

    Drops June - July

    Scratch N Sniff edition - Album cover is bubblegum scented

    3D Lenticular Scratch N Sniff edition - Album cover is bubblegum scented with a special edition 3D lenticular cover

    Album cover designed by Todd Pearl (Eshams cover designer who designed Venus Flytrap, Suspended Animation and I Aintcha Homey)

    ICP and Mike.E Clark's Engineer Jim Kissling has also had some input into the album.

    Album is 12 tracks in total.


    1. Intro

    2. Blood Steps Pt.1 feat. Jared of HED PE and Kidcrusher

    3. Hater Killer Pt.2

    4. Bloody Lemonade feat. Chop Shop

    5. Kung Fu Hustle feat. NoEmotion Goldmask

    6. Meditation Obliteration feat. Jarren Benton

    7. Pinball Wizzard

    8. Bullshit N Fame feat. Bobby James

    9. Blood Steps Pt.2 feat. Axe Murder Boyz and Claas

    10. Alien Abduction Music feat. Boondox and Kidcrusher

    11. Bass And Bubblegum feat. Molly Gruesome and Ill e.Gal

    12. Underground All-Stars (The Anthem) feat. King Gordy, The Jokerr, Lokey, Mister K.A, T.O.N.E-z, Molly Gruesome, Playboy The Beast, Mars, Razakel, Tre lb., Axe Murder Boyz, Grewsum, Mastamind, Insane Poetry, Basick, Spice 1 and Kidcrusher.

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    How much will each edition cost?

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