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Thread: Kutt is HILARIOUS!!!!

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    Kutt is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Ok, so we're chillin in Santa Cruz out back near the Strange Music buses. It was me, Kutt, DJ Chill, Dark Passenger, Richard, Liz and a few other people and this slammed Chrysler 300 comes through the parking-lot and gets stuck on the drive way and scrapes baaad. We're like damn! The back doors open and these big girls get out and the car raises up. No one says anything EXCEPT Kutt - "Well, hell... that's why, shit what did you expect?!" Everyone falls out laughin! You ain't right homie!

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    He's funny he says anything this kid brought like thirty things to get signed at the meet and greet and Kutt was Looked at me ad my friend and was like what the fuck this nigga think this is shit he's got a backpack full of shit and the kid just looked at him like WTF haha that's Kutt Calhoun

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    Hahahaha that's fuckin jokes! I wanna meet Kutt even more now! Hahahaha

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    i remeber meeting kutt on ther sickology tour

    dude kept crakin jokes about murs and tellin him to go home shit, it was hilarious.

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    I listened to Kutt, Glasses Malone and a couple other guys talk bout NBA players, was a pretty interesting debate to listen to.

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    lol Kutt is hella funny. He's always the most talkative at the meet and greets ive been to.

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