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Thread: Added to my Strange Dickies...

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    Added to my Strange Dickies...

    Put a little more stitch work on the back, and Snake and Bat logos on each sleeve. Put my name on the front above the left pocket too.

    <img ="align-full" src="" width="750"/>

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    Dope Man!

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    u should make sum and sell em, i'd buy it

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    Should make some for someone you're gonna see Friday.. Lol

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    thats tight. i wish they sold outfits like that on the store. probably would be expensive as hell though.

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    i would defenatly wear that everyday

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    too bad nothing is centered lol woulda been fresh though

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    now that is funny. Its unbottoned from the me I dont make anything half ass. it is centered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Native LunaticT

    too bad nothing is centered lol woulda been fresh though

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