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Thread: Siccmade+Ripgut fans who like horrorcore ish, PEEP....New LAMB Shit!

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    Siccmade+Ripgut fans who like horrorcore ish, PEEP....New LAMB Shit!

    2 new LAMB tracks, sick shit:

    feedback appreciated....& if u wanna download the shit, check the soundclick:


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    "Anna Ayala"
    Im sicka than a cup of noodles mixed wit pus and all of that good shyt
    Comin' thru from the 818, bytch u thought this was some hood shyt?
    nevamind what u was thinkin, ima eat yo brain so u forget it
    Leavin' em beheaded seekin' the devil
    Last thing you'll see is dirt and a shovel
    And uhh, your fingernails bent back from tryna escape
    So if you feelin like u up to the task then dyin's ya fate
    I hate.. pretty much anything that I come across
    Try fuckin around and I'm buckin you down, leave u nailed to a cross
    Doin' it big while keepin' it real, usin' a bitch while peekin' off pills
    I've done some shyt so fukkin' sick that I'm uhh...reekin of ill
    Anybody fukkin' around wit a schizophrenic muthafukka wita mask on
    Betta not be that surprised when I get my *ch ch ha ha* blast on

    There's fingers in my chili (and what the fuck is it doin here)
    There's fingers in my chili (and how the fuck did it get here)
    There's fingers in my chili (I just lost my appetite)
    There's fingers in my chili (and I think I'm guna sue Wendy's!)

    Killa California, that's where I stay
    I'm sicker than pneumonia and I'm blastin away
    Stand in my way in a casket you'll lay
    I'm the muthafukkin devil and I'm packin the graves
    You're not on my level, you faggyts feel safe?
    I'll put u in a hospital and that's just today
    Tomorrow...I'll take over your soul
    So as u try 2 get to heaven ur spirits on hold
    I looked in the mirror and said hail mary 3 times
    The devil appeared n crowned me the weed guy
    (Yo, where u be at)
    You'll find me where the weed at
    I'm the Persian valley cat, a boss, can u feel that?
    All I got in this world is my word and my nuts
    and really sick thoughts like there's worms in my guts
    Evil lurks in my gut, lookin for persons to gut
    Shit worse than a cut
    I'm cursed.....bitch, what?!

    "Round N Round"
    Round n round, everyday it's the same
    What goes around comes around, u fuckin moron
    Round n round, everyday it's the same
    That's the name of the game...what goes around comes around

    I'm a I'm a I'm a killa
    I can moonwalk over your body like Michael in Thriller
    They call me karma
    Put u on pause like a comma
    Fukk around and I'll harm some1 close 2 u like your mama
    Took your bill and gave u no change...Obama
    I look in the mirror, I'm a disgrace...Osama
    I bring evil & death, I'm the cause of drama
    Put six bullets in ya while ya sleepin in ya pajamas
    I go round n round like a carousel
    Through the ups n the downs like a ferris wheel
    Do good deeds n I'll reward ya
    But fuck around n I'm takin u down, u ever read the Torah?
    You Ever read the bible? You ever read the Quran?
    You ever read the holy scriptures that the prophets spoke on?
    If not u probably don't know what really goes on
    What goes around comes around, u fuckin moron


    Wita a muthafukkin sickass typa flow
    U aint never ever heard of this murderous wita Jew fro
    You slow...we the fastest
    I roll my blunts witout lookin like Steve Nash when he passes
    In roughly 30 minutes I burn an ounce of weed down to the ashes
    Then it's right back to the weed club to see how much tree this cash gets
    Round n round, every day it's the same
    Like u aint heard of the circle of life? that's the name of the game
    My claim to the fame, knowin the ins and outs of all of it
    And I cant even count the times that i been about 2 call it quits
    Lookin at this pill like should I even swallow it?
    Might as well be the chemical version of a hollow tip
    And tomorrow, it'll be the same
    Only I'll be comin off of this shit n i got a pill of methadone for the pain
    Cannot cope with my brain and I hope for the strain
    To go away but for today I'll soak in the rain


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    these beats are pretty tight and on round n round the flow of the second dude(sccit) sounds a lot like lurch, thats some computerized shit where they change his voice up, huh? cause he doesn't sound like that on the first track?...but this roccy dude sounds like he has down syndrome or some shit,lol...why would you put someone so bad on these tight tracks? is it like when pretty bitches surround themselves by ugly ass ones just so they seem hotter, is that what you're trying to do? cause that guy is really really bad and it's even kinda sad if he really thinks its good enough to even record, let alone post it online for feedback lol

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    good looks on the feedback. roccy's the homie n i feel he can improve in areas, as i could myself, but i do like elements of his flow, especially as far as a change of pace 2 the tracks....

    more feedback, mufuckaz!

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