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Thread: 11 yr. old Technician wants to go to show!

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    11 yr. old Technician wants to go to show!

    My friend has a nephew and he is 11 years old he wants to go to the show here in Columbus, Oh at the Alrosa Villa and it says all ages but no small children. I don't know if that is too young.. I personally don't think it is but idk if its up to the Strange Crew or the Alrosa?

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    Hes good to go. Small children means ages 5 and below

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    Hell yeah thanks man.

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    I Don't Know.. The Last Show I went to of Tech's Was all Ages and They Weren't Letting in people Under 16... it Could depend on the security crew thats working the venue.

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    have him hide behind a fat guy

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    Idk Ill hit up the alrosa and try to find out cuz this kid wants to go badly.

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    It's up to Alrosa man, and I dont think 11 is small children. what I think they mean by "smal children" is like really young kids like 3-8ish'

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