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Thread: 2 YEARS SINCE............????

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    2 YEARS SINCE............????

    2 years ago you were...................?????

    living in yo mamas basement???????


    a emminem fan??????

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    i was drinking till i passed out....


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    I was in prison, I got released on the 23rd of June. I can't wait to celebrate. California has one of the highest recidivism rates in the country. I'm so glad I haven't returned to that shitty place, 2 terms was enough. I haven't been out of trouble for this long since I was 13.

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    2 Years since i quit smoking cigarettes.

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    Two years ago I thought no one could understand my thoughts, then a good friend introduced me to the music made by Tech N9ne, and then i found a song called dysfunctional. Before this, like Roan, I tried to kill my self. I tried many times but everytime I would stop myself and listen to a couple of Tech songs and feel all better. If it weren't for Tech and my good buddy, known on here as "Cpt Canuck", I most likely wouldn't be here today

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    I had my own place and car. Now I'm a drifter without a car.

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    Damn if yall fail at killing yourselves you must really fail at life.(joking)

    2 years ago i was a person who didn't give a fuck about anything and always fucking up in general.....

    I dropped out of school and sold weed and pills.

    I ended up in jail a lot.

    I constantly fought with my family.

    And I didnt care about anybody but myself.

    Im glad everything changed and is better now and also that i've grown up since then.

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