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Thread: Tech n9ne can I make you a insane song?

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    Tech n9ne can I make you a insane song?

    To be honest one of my true dreams in life is to make you a song, I think it would be awesome even if you didnt use it. Could i make you a song and send it to you? and you actually get it. To be honest i make shit unlike anyone hears. Heres somethin if you ever get to look at it.

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    That one's a pretty simple beat laid over Queen of the Damned, I wouldn't say it's unlike anything anyone hears.

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    ***Can I make you AN insane song***

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    You might as well get on your knees and unzip I mean begging a guy to make him a song is a little fruity

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    haters man if he wants to make tech a song let him i mean tech brings us gold i feel like i owe him too

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