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Thread: Flip The Switch

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    Flip The Switch

    Flip The Switch

    First track I've put up here.

    Listen, critique, whatever.

    I'll post lyrics up in a few minutes


    (Flip the switch n I become LTFlip the switch, turn into an ill beingFlip the switch, betta watch what you tell meWhen the switch is flipped, wanna stop me, betta kill me)My eyes roll back N its like i stole matchesLit the place I stole from, and swallowed the rest of the packageYeah, I go crazyN I scare the old ladiesI got a soul crazyN dent ya soul maybeMy hair gets gelled, n my pants grow baggyN I don't even need to smoke a whole baggyOf dope, for my head to be in the cloudsTyler is quiet, n LT is loudLT is still flyin, Tylers on the groundBoth LT n Tyler can be found wit a frownBut LT is a psycho, LT has the fight soTyler is pretty nice thoughAnger Tyler, LT gets pissedN he will take control, when the switch is flippedYeah, yeah, yeah(Hook)Fists go clenched, no relaxationLike my personality got a full renovationYeah, sanity takenGreat, granted such sacredAims, fan of the pavementThat he's faced, so mad lost patienceNo one understands, the thoughts that go through my headI will forever stand, at least until I'm deadAnd then, any fans will have to stand up for meN tell the world of LT and his storyHow he grew tallN how he shooed allOut of his lifeFought for the lightTo shoot all Through the midst of darkness, cast sun upon the demonsCrazy in the day, crazier in the eveningPlay me n we gone see whenThe line has been crossedHow long I can be holy 'fore abandon the crossSand in my drawersI walked across the ocean floorAnd I still plotTo search in every open doorThe folks that poorTheir whole life, see the mostEnjoy their time here, cuz they know where the blind goThey walk with their eyes open, take in their surroundinLT's got wide open eyes, the bell is soundinLead the people who want it, through the gates of heavenN shut the ones who don't out, n turn them into peasantsSee how they like it, bein bossed aroundNot bein able to spread their wings, fly off the ground(Hook)When you take LT, and you unleash himHe can run free, acts like a beast, grimWays, of sin n shameHe entertainsBecause people are entertained by the soul of a renegadeHidin in the shadeThats why im so paleEveryone checks out, when I enter the hotelHave any room I want, everything is a vacancyAll this terror, yeah you bet that satan seesStick my tongue at himWatch him get unhappyHe thought I was his side, but for God I am rappinYeah, better believe itAll the people pleadinFor someone to lighten the loadAccept I got light in my soulYou might wanna goBuy my album, when I start sellinN into my mind, just relax n start delvinThat way you can see, who LT is insideEvery proper rule of society, gracefully defiedTo me, LT is a savior that flies throughBut I know, there's an LT inside you(Hook x2)

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    Comments, critique?

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