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    Roll one up and press play, lemme know what u think. If u dont smoke, just press play, and still lemme know what u think

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    Senior Member Mic E.D.'s Avatar
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    Honestly if the tempo was a little higher, I'd rap all over this. <------Compliment, lol nice beat.

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    Senior Member fuzzy's Avatar
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    very nice!

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    Senior Member dizzy's Avatar
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    dope shit.

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    not bad man. I think its really mellow, some shit you could just relax to. I just threw one up, check out my shit. tony deff out.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to listen to it, really appreciate the love. Mic, heard some of your shit, def gunna have to try to work on somethin, my beats are usually quicker this was just a mellow instrumental i did about a week ago. And its funny u say that cashed i didnt notice the asian feel til one of my boys, whos into that stuff, said it did lol, thanks. Should have a new one up today with vocals so keep an eye out!

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    That was dope, just a little slow like dude said. I'm gonna smoke a fat bowl in a minute, play it again, and see how I feel then.

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    Ha, thanks man, its def meant to be slow, not meant to be rapped on, personally i think its got a cudi feel to it. Im about to do the same (with the bowl lol) and record this new track, enjoy your smoke!

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