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Thread: Fuck Forums..

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    Fuck Forums..

    I jump on here every once and a while for news and to see what people are talking bout musicly. And all I see is pissy whining bitchy assholes. Everyone always throws in their two cents to start bitchy little fights that wreck threads. And at one point everyone has most likely said "it's my opinion" or some thing along those lines to protect their comments. But for some reason almost everyone in here just loves to fight about or start an argument about something dumb. Just kinda tired of coming on here when I do and seeing the same people and the same stupidity.

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    dude, seriously, it's shit like this that starts beef in these thread so just shut the fuck up and take ur shit to a Joe Budden forum or some shit

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    LOL dude, I....I just don't know what to think of that

    Quote Originally Posted by Colepru

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