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Thread: Could Wrek Wednesdays Bring New Mixtape?

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    Could Wrek Wednesdays Bring New Mixtape?

    Wrek Wednesdays are gonna happen again this June (Yes!). and out of hype I listened to all the frees he did last year. Then I remembered some of his frees he did for Wrek Wednesdays last year ended up on his "Rooftops Mixtape" (Which I loved) and "Hands On The Wheel" ended up on Mayday's "Smash and Grab".

    Frees Like Goldie, Mighty Healthy, Start It Up, made the "Rooftops Mixtape".

    Break Ya Neck didn't make any tapes but Hands On The Wheel was on the "Smash and Grab" Mixtape.

    So what I want to know is, can Wrek Wednesdays bring a New Wrek Mixtape (not associated with Waiting Room trilogy) or a new Mayday Mixtape? (Maybe next year because they're pretty busy right now.)

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    The songs themselves are not going to bring about any new mixtapes. If wrek or mayday happen to make some new mixtapes roughly soon after june, then you can probably expect some of the songs to be on there. But wrekonize doing these remixes doesn't mean that there will be more mixtapes.

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