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Thread: Complete The Bar

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    Oct 2008

    Complete The Bar

    Kinda like where some writes a sentence and then you write a sentence and a story evolves. Just try and ryhme 2 bars with the the 2 bars someone else makes.

    I'll begin with a simple two bars

    Don't knock me for this thread now do start

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    This thread makes my penis go up far,

    So I try to rhyme a boner with my ass so I used fart,

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    my fat ass used to fart all day

    now im playing with fat assess all day,

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    My fat ass always listens to strange,

    I stay up on tech because the music blows me away,

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    I agree that Strange Music music is amazing

    If you disagree there your completely crazy

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    Skitzo Frantic my mindframe only a few can relate,

    Strange Music Bitch lets start this debate....

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    and Finish it fulfilled with a pressing hate, the music will compensate,

    my brain for a suicidal rate, always on time bitch we aint never late bitch

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    To change the subject and bump the post

    Imma add a reply as I am the host

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    Senior Member John Cramer's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Am I real? am I alive or am I a ghost?, I am your lord and savior Jesus the host of hosts, I critic and judge and tell you how to live and raise your kids, my father flooded and nearly wiped out our entire existence, But for some reason for him it isn't SIN so on the 10 commandments he took a shit. God says God give and God take and God work in mysterious ways but the only mystery is why a huge chunk of Jesus's life didn't make it to any biblical page, and why do we continue to have numerous false coming of the end of days, Why do Jesus loving people like Techs mom's most of her life has to be sick days?

    I'm tired of liars who conspire to act like they're higher and on holy fire with suite and tie as there attire thinkin they are wiser and ready for battle if the end was near yet against anyone who doesn't pay tithes is liberal or queer, Christianity is just another form of radical brain wash insanity bringing the violence and profanity to humanity keeping us stuck on one channel giving us nothing but bullshit we have to handle pretending all things can be solved by talking into your hands and burning a candle while yet all there bs lies don't stand true still.

    So I'm wild off of the pill, soul searchin for thrills, so drunk and high I can feel chills and can hardly stand still, I don't even demand attention or even respect don't even give a damn if your mind says eject I just wanna come hard with the truth in affect with the fine line rhymes that I dissect, no matter how deep or bizarre the bars, I think beyond and far to stimulate the frontal lobes and cortex and with whats next, who knows lets just hope it aint another verse on cars money clothes or bitches wantin to have sex shit,

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    The reply straight above a little more then two bars

    But I dont care much all he did was accrued large

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