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Thread: Recommendations Please

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    Recommendations Please

    I'm looking into some artists I'd like to do some digging into (my rap library consists of DMX, early Busta, early Luda, Hopsin "Raw", some BLH, and the Tech's and the Krizz's...I come from a heavy metal/rock back ground, thanks to the current state of such (and Strange Music) I'm shifting towards rap), so if ya'll can throw me towards some of the best of the best of the following artists I'd appreciate it:

    Mac Lethal

    Irv Da Phenom

    King Gordy (I forgot where I got these recs before)


    Immortal Technique

    Thanks in advance

    (Also, feel free to recommend a few people along the lines of those artists if you like)

    And for the hell of it, throw me some Ill Bill that ain't that "Society is Brainwashed" shit; I haven't written him off yet, so if you know some fire...shout it, so I can decide if I like him or not.

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    If you like Irv, check out Craig Smith and Nesto The Owner.

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    all these that I posted have a good rock rap vibe

    travis barker did a rap album where he made beats and had people throw verses over it

    give the drummer some

    B.o.B. is actually dope as fuck

    and a lot of his no genre mixtape

    and if you take time to listen this song is beastly

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    king gordy's "xerxes the god king" album is dope as hell

    mac lethal put out North Korean BBQ not to long ago an IMO its a fuckin ic

    every thing of Immortal tech is ill except the 3rd world

    and im fav ill bill song is IM A GOON & only time will tell with tech n9ne

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    Ill Bill-- My Uncle is a dope track.. tells a story about his uncle Howie... also look up White Nigger. the whole "Hour Of Reprisal" album is pretty dope.

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    Everything by Immortal Tech INCLUDING The 3rd World.

    check out his tracks

    3rd World

    Lick Shots Feat. Crooked I & Chino XL

    Crimes Of The Heart

    Point Of No Return

    The 4th Branch

    Caught In A Hustle

    Peruvian Cocaine (features a ton of people)

    You Never Know Feat. Jean Grae

    The Illest Feat. Jean Grae & Pumpkinhead


    Internally Bleeding

    One (remix) Feat. Akir

    The Getaway

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    King Gordy tracks

    Reach The Sun


    When Darkness Falls

    Go And Get A Knife

    Worship Me/Murder Me Feat. Sal

    The Gift and the Curse

    No Lights

    Nobody Hates Nothin'

    Go Ahead And Die


    Beef Feat. Swifty Mcvay & Kuniva

    Gladiator Feat. MJ Robinson

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    2pac,biggie, bone thugs, eminem, z-ro,twisted black

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