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Thread: Written (typed) to BLH-Meat

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    Written (typed) to BLH-Meat

    I only got enough money for a pack of pall malls

    I know they taste like shit but hey, its hard as hell to ball...

    ...These days, Would much rather smoke Camel 99's yall ///

    I've lived in a couple different states within the last 4 months

    And by tryna find jobs in em? still no luck

    Stuck, in the same situation, got my mind racin n pacin

    Thankin, bout whats gonna happen if the gears dont start crankin

    All i want is a good life for me and my baby ///

    But the economy tells me "fuck you" employment's in the shitter

    And the stress from all that can only get bigger

    I'm about to fuckin snap from all the pain, anger & rigor

    I need to make suntm bubble 'fore im lookin down the barrel, one finger on the trigger ///

    Is there something fucking wrong with wantin to get your shit straight?!

    Rake in the real money instead of gettin payed a bitch rate?

    Apparently not in this life, but i wont let my kids have the same fate

    Thats if i can ever even afford to have a kid before its too late! ///

    I really hate to say that kinda shit, but what can ya do?

    You shouldn't hafta make a decision between gas, diapers n food

    Necessities have turned into luxuries

    Pretty sure thats not what Kennedy wanted this country to do for you

    ( Chorus)

    Man, I need to come up with a plan

    Cant let life continue to be this fuckin bland

    Even if i gotta rob an average Joe, Steve or Stan

    To make that lovely green i gotta do whatever i can

    verse 2

    I dont even got enough money to fly my girl out here

    She gotta use HER money and to me that sounds queer

    Cuz i got that old-fashioned love n you dont find that these years

    I just want her to be happy, big-ass smiles from ear to ear ///

    I finally scored the top of the food chain, a Redhead, Queen of all queens

    But im sittin here like a commoner, feelin nothin like a king

    N with all the bullshit goin on, its hard not to let it get to me

    I fuckin LOVE money, me without cash is like a bag of dope without a fiend

    I dont mean to bitch but im sick n tired of feelin demeaned ///

    It was never this hard to get employed, even when i was fifteen

    The status quo of living these days is beyond sickening

    It could've been prevented cuz this has ALL been foreseen

    But nobody fuckin believed it, they was stuck in their Einstein dream

    Thinkin nothin like this could ever happen, well open your eyes and see ///

    dumb muthafuckers, its the consquences of our actions

    Now everything we created is being reduced to nothing but fractions

    I think its about time we tear down the government n set up our own factions

    Why not? Anything is possible, dont ever let that pass ya

    Be our own leaders, our own personal Fascist

    I dont see the problem with that shit


    verse 3

    I wake up everyday tryna see what i can hustle

    Whether its sellin dope or pickin up shit with a shovel

    Hey, ya cant be picky about your work, if ya do, your in trouble

    Hell, I'd even take a job turnin rocks into rubble ///

    Ya gotta take anything you can get, no option to pick n choose

    Dontcha wanna have extra money for a case or 2 of booze?

    I can tell ya right now, I sure in the fuck do

    N the same would be said by the homeys in mine or your crew ///

    Im sorry to say, but I'm really runnin out of options

    So while yall stuck in the danger zone, Ima proceed without caution

    Cuz i will NEVER give up, homey, my life's not an adoption

    My hard work'll pay off soon enough, my effort is not an auction ///

    Or at least i can hope, but really, what is hope?

    Belief in suntm to happen butchu know it really wont?

    It jus seems to me like a knot in life's rope

    It'll jus piss you off like somebody elses pubes on your bar of soap


    wow, this turned out way better than i thought it would lol hell yea

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    i know ima get comments on the "bar of soap" bar hahaaa

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    changed ?"would much rather smoke Camel 99's yall" TO "im pretty much at a dead end yall"

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